Hi! I'm Lori

I'm a small town Newnan girl with a deep passion for design and chocolate! I partake in both daily :). I'm obsessed with helping homeowners, realtors and builders create amazing and beautiful spaces.  My happiest days are spent with family, shopping decor, being creative and sharing my passion for design with my community. I've been creating since 2003. Want to know more? Read on, friends! 


I wasn't always a designer, in fact I've had multiple jobs , none in which I was able to share my passion of design with others. It wasn't until my late 20's that I realized happiness and living out my passion was the key to my own personal success. 

After attending design school in Atlanta, I started working for a furniture store and began to realize that my favorite part about it was helping people choose fabric, colors, styles and what to pair with each piece. I later moved on to work for a small design company where my skills were not used to their fullest potential. It was then I realized I needed more! I took a chance and started my own company in 2010. The rest they say, is history!  Today you can find me out shopping for clients, on a beach (I love the beach) or snugged up with my family and pets at home in Newnan, Ga. 

You know what ignites my fire? Taking a dated, unsightly, empty or new home and turning it into a beautiful space people love to call home!