Affordable Must Have Decor and Where to Find It!

The hardest part about seeing that must have item on HGTV, in a magazine, Online or at an overpriced trendy shop is knowing where to get it for less, and NOW! I have had a lot of these moments so I can proudly say that I’m pretty much... no, I AM, a pro at shopping. I Google and research places to find the best deals on the items that I must have in my possession . I hate to wait , so typically I research and research until I find what I want!!! I know, it sounds like a problem to me too ;-) But you’re in luck, because I’ve done all of the work for you! 

I’m so happy to share my favorite places to find your must have items. They are mostly online stores,  but I have a few places that I frequent enough that I am on a first name basis with the cashiers…. What?!  With that , let’s get to shopping!!! 



1. WayFair- Oh how I love this site for EVERYTHING. Great prices and you can shop anything form living room furniture to appliances.

2. Joss&Main- Ditto what I said about WayFair, they are one in the same.

3. Decor Steals - I just love this site. You have to sign up but it’s worth it! They have what they call “Steal Of The Day” . They only display a few items daily, so you have to act fast on these items or they will be gone as they only sell a certain amount. Great for that farmhouse look

2. Overstock- Great prices and they have most everything you are looking for at the best price. It’s great for rugs! 

3. Amazon- No need to explain :)

4. Houzz - You may know this site a a place to see inspiring  pictures and decor'.  but you can now shop the rooms you love! Yep, that’s right! 


Store Front

1. Home Goods- Awesome place to find great deals on trendy furniture, canvas art, lamps, linens, pillows, you name it. If you find something you better buy it, it’ll be gone the next day. They restock almost daily so it’s always different. I’m there almost weekly! 

2. Hobby Lobby- I’m here on a weekly basis as well. They have great finds, furniture, accessories and even fabric. Download the app on your phone and always get 40% off!! Another little secret…. If your item is not on sale the week you go….it will be the following, I promise!

3. Target- Hearth and Hand…Enough said! (oh, how we love Joanna Gaines)

Now that you know where to shop, what will you buy first and from where? Oh, the choices!!!!! 

Happy Shopping (said no husband ever),


5 Secrets To Decorating Like a Pro

I, for one, love a good secret, don’t you? And I’m pretty good at keeping them too ;) but not today! Today, I am going to share with you 5 secrets to decorating like a pro. I know decorating can be daunting and very stressful to most, but it you use these 5 secrets we will have you decorating and loving it in no time. 

I get so giddy just thinking about picking out colors, arranging furniture, finding accessories and putting it all together to create a beautiful space! I know a lot of you are sweating right now just thinking about it, but if you read my 5 secrets below, you will be on your way to stress free decorating. 


1. Keep it personal

We all love the beautiful rooms we see on HGTV, or we go and envy our neighbors home and everything they have in it. We think, “oh, I’ll just copy that and boom, I’ll have my perfect room” No! This is not how it should be and I believe you will never be happy, really. We all have different styles, different personalities…. use this to your advantage to get the homey awesome space you long for. 

If you love to travel, use items picked up along the way and display them in your home. These will remind you of your time in those places and more importantly ,no one else will have them ( Remember to keep collections grouped together for the most impact). If you love animal print, use it! If you love purple, use it! You can be trendy and Joanna Gaines it all day long, but remember who you are and use what you love in each room…you live there….remember?


2. Don’t have your drapes  looking “flood ready”

By “flood ready” I mean please do not hang drapes that don’t hit the floor, honestly…. they can even puddle ( I actually like this look, a lot). This means if you order ready made drapes, always order them long enough to hit the floor, even if you have to order and then hem them. Measure from the top of where your rod will be, to the floor. Who ever liked capri’s anyway ?! 


3. Less is more, except when if comes to Pillows! 

A sofa with 2 small pillows is so unwelcoming. Get rid of the pillows that came with your sofa and opt for 20x20 (at least) fluffy pillows! Purchase 2 sets  or more with coordinating fabric but different textures for the most impact. Use this rule throughout your home, meaning bedrooms and outdoor spaces as well. Make your home warm and welcoming, a place someone wants to plop down and stay a while. 


4. Add something unexpected

I love when I walk in a home and think, “Wow, that was unexpected, but I love it”! This can be achieved as easily as placing an oversized mirror in an unexpected place, like behind a sofa leaned against a wall. Make sure you go large here…it can not only make your room seem brighter but also make it look a lot larger. 

Make sure you are aware of what is in front of the mirror as it will reflect what ever is there….also make sure it looks good from the back. 


5. Choose a color palette 

Color is so important when it comes to decorating. Start by choosing 5 colors that you love and that make you feel amazing,this way it will be hard to get tired of them.  Use these colors throughout each room of your home.  Your rooms will take on the colors differently, so play with them so that there are different hues of the same color in each room.   My advice it to pick a color and go up and down that same color strip,this way you are using the same hues for different rooms. 


And always remember, make your home somewhere you love to come to each day. A place you can relax, take a deep breath and know that everything about it is personal, beautiful and spunky…just like you.



Wallpaper, is it fantastic our foul?

What comes to mind when I mention Wallpaper? Do you flash back to the orange and brown toned wallpaper you had in your home as a child, like I do? Oops, I'm showing my age...oh well. Whether you like it or not...it's making a comeback and in a big way! 

The paint alternitave of the past has made it's comeback thanks to trendy new prints, eye catching textures and new materials like peel and stick, washable and fade resistant that are making it easy to use and love. Not to mention the WOW factor that wallpaper can give a space with little effort. It is a great way to transform your space and reflect your personal style without breaking the bank. 

So why the big comeback? I believe shows like HGTV, bloggers :) and things like Instagram and Pinterest have played a huge role. I personally love the idea of creating a WOW factor in the home, something unexpected and personal. Wallpaper lends itself to the "rebels" of decorating and makes one feel like they are creating something that no one else has.  People are for sure loving this new way of expressing their personality and it's so easy! 

Are you willing to give it a try? I mean all you have to do it peel and stick your way to a new look!!!! I recommend using it on an accent wall at first like shown above, behind a bed. I also love it used behind a vanity in a bathroom. Whichever way you choose to use it, know that your options are endless and very user friendly. 


I'm going to do it , I'm a rebel :)


These are a few of my favorite things

We all have our favorite things when it comes to decorating. Things we love to have in our homes, or wish to have one day. I'd like to share a few of my favorite things and hope to inspire you. 

1. Cowhide rugs-I love the way they add a bit of fun and whimsy to any room. They are eye catching and can be layered over regular rugs, laid off to the side and even look great in kids rooms. 

2. Neutral Furniture-I know what you're thinking, I have kids!!! I get it, so do I. This is why scotch guard is my friend!! Neutral furniture welcomes any decorating style and can be changed so easily to fit the seasons by just switching out pillows, throws and accessories. It is also very pleasing to the eye. It brings a feeling of calm and cleanliness and brightens any space. 

3. Four Chair Seating - I love a good conversation, don't you? This is why I love the thought of a beautiful comfortable place to sit with friends and family and face each other to talk. There is something so welcoming about this look and I for one have always loved and wanted this in my home....one day! 

I hope this inspired you to put your favorite things in your home so that you can walk in and fall in love with your space, every day!